Patron Saint of Gardeners-Serenus the Gardener

Serenus the Gardener, also known as “Serenus of Billom” was born in Greece.  He left his life there to have a celibate life of penance and prayer, in present-day Serbia.  He bought, cultivated, and lived off of his garden.  He was known for his great horticultural skill. One day, he quietly disapproved of the wife of a Roman imperial guard for walking in his garden with her daughters.  This was not permitted without having a male present. Her pride was wounded.  She told her husband what happened in writing.  Her husband reported Serenus to Emperor Maximian.  The emperor gave the husband a letter to deliver to the governor of Pannonia that gave the governor the ability to fix the supposed injustice. After Serenus testified, to the governor, the husband retracted his accusation.  Serenus was found innocent of insulting the wife.  From other parts of Serenus’s testimony, the judge found Serenus might be a Christian.   and the governor judged Serenus innocent of insulting the wife. However, the governor suspected from the words of Serenus’ testimony that he might be a Christian.  Serenus was asked about his religion.  When Serenus testified to being Christian.  He refused to sacrifice to the Roman gods.  The governor had him decapitated on February 23, 307.

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