Patron saint of epileptics, prison guards, and butchers Saint Adrian of Nicomedia

We don’t really know when Saint Adrian of Nicomedia was a Guard of the Roman Emperor Galerius Maximian.  He converted to Christianity with his wife Natalia in the early 300’s.  When he was 28 years old he was the head of the praetorium, a council of war.  He had been presiding over the torture of a group of Christians.  He asked the group what reward they would receive from God.  They told him,  They quoted 1 Corinthians 2:9 Man couldn’t imagine what God had prepared for those that loved Him.  Adrian was so amazed at their courage he publicly confessed his faith.  

He was immediately imprisoned.  He was denied any visitors, but his wife came to visit him, dressed as a boy.  She asked for his prayers when he entered heaven.  He was killed for his faith, on March 4, 304, when he was thrown to a lion, which refused to touch him, had his legs broken, and finally was hacked to pieces.   His executioners were to burn the bodies of the dead, but there was a storm that came and put the fire out.  Natalia was able to recover one of Adrian’s hands. 

He is the patron saint against epilepsy, against the plague, and the patron saint of arms dealers, butchers, epileptics, prison guards, and soldiers.