Julian of Toledo

Julian of Toledo was born in Toledo, Spain in 642.  He was well educated at the cathedral school, was a monk and later abbot at Agali, a spiritual student of Saint Eugene II, and archbishop of Toledo. He was the first bishop to have primacy over the entire Iberian Peninsula.  He helped centralize the Iberian Church in Toledo. He presided over several councils and synods and revised the Mozarabic liturgy. A dedicated writer, his works include Prognostics, a volume on death, his most influential work; a history of King Wamba’s war with dux Paul in Septimani and a book on the future life 687. A lost work, apparently dedicated to King Erwig, dealt with the issue of Jews owning Christian slaves. He encouraged the Visigothic kings in Hispania to deal with the Jews. In presiding over the Twelfth Council of Toledo, he induced King Erwig to pass anti-Jewish laws. He died at Toledo in 690 of natural causes. Julian’s feast day is March 8.