Hugh of Châteauneuf

Hugh of Châteauneuf was born in France in 1053.  Hugh was pious even as a boy.

In 1080, at the Council of Avignon, he was elected bishop of Grenoble, even though he had not been ordained a priest yet.  The Diocese of Grenoble was not doing well.  Hugh was asked to renovate the diocese.  Hugh was ordained by Pope Gregory VII himself. When he returned to Grenoble, he immediately started to reform the abuses of his diocese.  The people of the became very devoted to the Church and to him  After two years he tried to resign as bishop so he could enter the Benedictine monastery at Cluny.  However, the Pope ordered him to continue his work as Bishop.

For the rest of the 11th century, his time as bishop was spent in disagreements over lands in the French Alps. An agreement wasn’t reached until 1099.
Hugh was important in the foundation of the Carthusian Order. He met with Bruno of Cologne, perhaps his own teacher, and six of his companions in 1084.  Huge had them found a monastery in Chartreuse.  They devoted their lives to prayer and study.  Hugh, who adopted much of their way of life, often visited them. Hugh founded another monastery too. 

Hugh died on April 1, 1132.  He was canonized as a saint on April 2, 1134, by Pope Innocent II, only two years after his death.