Patron Saint of Mallorca – Catherina of Palma

Catherine of Palma was born into a peasant family on May 1, 1533, in Spain. She worked as a servant in Palma.  While there she learned to read and embroider.  She went on to join the Canonesses of St Augustine at the convent of St Mary Magdalene in Palma. Stories say she was visited by devils and angels and went into ecstasy for the last years of her life. She died April 5, 1574, at Palma, Mallorca, of natural causes. As of 1904 her hat, thimble, and other relics were kept, and her body preserved in a marble sarcophagus, in the convent of St Mary Magdalene, Palma

After her death, she was celebrated locally as a saint for half a century until a decree of Pope Urban VII forbade the worship of unrecognized saints. Local people appealed to Rome and eventually, she was beatified on August 12, 1792, by Pope Pius VI and canonized on June 22, 1930, by Pope Pius XI

The house in Valldemossa where she was born, has become a shrine.

She is considered the patron saint of Mallorca.