Pope Saint Sixtus I

Pope Sixtus I also spelled Xystus, is believed to have been born around the year 42. He was a Roman of Greek descent.  He was Pope from 115 until his death.  He followed Pope Alexander I and Pope Telesphorus followed him.

He served the Church during the reign of Hadrian, from 117 to 126.  Sixtus I instituted several Catholic liturgical and administrative traditions.   He passed three ordinances.  No one but sacred ministers were allowed to touch the sacred vessels.  Bishops who have been called to see the Pope have to present Apostolic letters when they return.  Priests shall recite the Sanctus with the people. Thanks to Sixtus I that we’ve been saying the Sanctus, as a Church, for over 2000 years.  Pope Sixtus I was also the sixth Pope after Peter, leading to questions as to whether the name “Sixtus” is derived from sextus, Latin for “sixth”.
He died in 125.