Hugh of Rouen

Saint Hugh of Rouen was the son of Duke Drogo of Champagne and his wife Anstrudis. He entered the church and became archbishop of Rouen in 722.
Hugh was the grandson of Pepin of Heristal and Plectrude on his father’s side, and of Waratton and Ansfledis on his mother’s. Both Waratton and Drogo were mayors of the palaces. He was brought up by his grandmother Ansfled, while his father Drogo was a duke in distant Champagne. Hugh’s education is an example of the important role of women in Frankish family fortunes and in politics generally.

While still a layman, Hugh was given Jumièges Abbey, which he entered as a monk in 718 under Abbot Cochin. He later became vicar-general of the diocese of Metz. In 722, Hugh was elected to the archdiocese of Rouen. In 723, he accepted the leadership of Fontenelle Abbey. In 724, he took on the administration, together with his own, of the dioceses of Paris and Bayeux.

At the end of his life, Hugh retired to Jumièges, where he died on April 9, 730.