Pope Cletus

Pope Anacletus also known as Cletus, was bishop of Rome, following Peter and Linus. He served as pope between ‚ÄČ79 and his death, around the year 92. Cletus was a Roman who, ordained a number of priests.  He is believed to have set up about 25 parishes in Rome. He is mentioned in the Roman Canon of the mass;
Cletus was traditionally understood to have been a Roman who served as pope for twelve years. For the first two centuries, the dates of the start and the end of the popes are uncertain. According to tradition, Pope Cletus divided Rome into twenty-five parishes. One of the few surviving records concerning his papacy mentions him as having ordained a number of priests.

Cletus was buried next to his predecessor, Linus, near the grave of Peter, in what is now Vatican City. His feast day is April 26.