Saints Dictionary

abbot – The head of a group of monks

archbishop –

bishop –

cardinal –

canon law –

Divine Office –

Erogotism – Ergotism, is also known as Saint Anthony’s fire.  It is a poisoning which comes from a fungus in rye grain.

Excommunicate – An extreme penalty for the most severe sins. This means you aren’t part of the Church and cannot take part in the sacraments until you are reconciled.

friar – A man who lives in a religious group who do good works for others

heresy – A teaching against the Church

hermit –

monastery – where a group of monks lives

monk – A man who practices and lives a life without worldly pleasures. He may also dedicate his life to serving others or live a life of prayer and contemplation.

papal bull –

patron saint – Saints often become patrons of places where they were born or where they lived.  Saints can also become patrons for what they were known for helping or preventing during their lifetime, such as occupations or diseases.

penitentiary – someone who administers the sacrament of penance

prior – A prior is lower in rank than the abbot of a monastery.  A prior may be chosen by the people they lead or be chosen by the abbot.

stigmata – When someone had the same cuts on their hands and feet as Jesus

theology –

vocation – How you are called to holiness, either as a married person, single, brother, sister, or priest.