Pantheon to Church – Pope Saint Boniface IV

Pope Saint Boniface IV was born in 550 in Italy, He was the son of a physician named John. He studied from Saint Gregory the Great. He was a Benedictine monk at Sant Sebastian Abbey in Rome. He became the 67th Pope in 608.

He was known for converting the Pantheon, a Roman temple, into a Christian church dedicated to Mary and all the martyrs. It was the first time a pagan temple had been turned into a place of Christian worship. He also removed 28 cartloads of relics from the catacombs to the Church. The catacombs were underground passageways and burial places for martyrs of the early Church in Rome.

Pope Boniface IV supported the expansion of the faith into England and met with the first Bishop of England.  He helped reform the clergy to improve their living and working conditions.

Late in his life, he converted his own house into a monastery. He divided his time between papal work and life as a prayerful monk.

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