Apostles Saint Timothy and Saint Titus

Timothy was born in Lystra.  This is now in the country of Turkey.  His father was Greek and his mother was a Jew who had become a Christian. Timothy’s grandmother Lois introduced him to Paul. He replaced Barnabas and joined Paul when Paul was preaching in the area for a second time. Timothy was already a respected member of the Christian community.  He became one of Paul’s closest friends. He went with Paul on his second missionary trip. When Paul was forced to leave Berea, because of the anger of the Jews there, Timothy was able to stay for a while.  He was eventually sent on the Thessalonica in Greece. He to report on the condition of the Christians there and to encourage them while they were being persecuted. The time Timothy spent in Thessalonica is part of what caused Paul to write his first letter to the Thessalonians. Paul and Timothy were able to meet up at Corinth. Timothy and Erastus were sent to Macedonia in 58, and went to Corinth to remind the Corinthians of Paul’s teaching.  Paul wrote two letter to Timothy. The first letter was written about 65 while Paul was in Macedonia.  The second from Rome while Paul was waiting for his execution. 
Timothy was with Paul when he was imprisoned at Caesarea and Rome. Timothy was also imprisoned and freed. He went on to Ephesus, where he became the first bishop of Ephesus before being stoned to death around 97, when he opposed the pagan festival in honor of the Roman god Diana. Saint Timothy is the patron saint of stomach disorders.

Titus was a disciple and friend to Paul. Paul calls Titus “my true child in our common faith” It is believed he was a Greek, Gentile from Antioch. Paul converted him to Christianity. He may have been Paul’s assistant and interpreter. He is mentioned in Galatians where Paul writes of traveling to Jerusalem with Barnabas and Titus. Titus later stayed on the island of Crete to help organize the Church. He served as the first bishop of Crete. Saint Titus is the patron saint of the United States Army Chaplains. A chaplain is a priest or pastor in a hospital, private institution, or the military.

Timothy and Titus are celebrated January 26, the day after the Conversion of Saint Paul.