Basil the Younger

We don’t know much about the early life of Saint Basil the Younger.  It is suggested he was born around 834.  As a young man, Basil began living as a Hermit near Constantinople, present-day Istanbul, Turkey.  He spoke out against the immoral lifestyles of the aristocracy including Princess Anastasia, which likely brought about his persecution.

People close to the Byzantine emperor were concerned about the way Basil looked and were more concerned by the way he influenced people, had him arrested and questioned as a spy.  

Basil wouldn’t answer their questions, but would only say he was a pilgrim and a stranger on earth.  

He survived their cruel tortures and being thrown to the lions.  He was unharmed. His executioners also tried to have him drowned but he was saved by two dolphins.  After these miracles, he was released.  Many faithful came to his hermitage for healing, prophecy, and instruction. 
Basil is said to have died on March 26, during Lent, 944.  He reportedly lived until he was 110 years old.