Senhorinha of Basto

Senhorinha of Basto is thought to have been born into the noble Sousa family in 924 She was raised by her aunt, Blessed Godinha, abbess of the Benedictine convent of St. John of Vieira, Senhorinha also joined the Benedictines and succeeded her aunt as abbess at Vieira. Later, she moved the convent of Vieira to Basto near Braga, Portugal.  She died on April 22, 982.

Senhorinha of Basto was canonized by Paio Mendes, Archbishop of Braga, in 1130, at a time when bishops had the authority to canonize faithful people in their dioceses. King Sancho I of Portugal was one famous devotee who made the pilgrimage to cure his son and heir, Afonso II, who was healed and succeeded Sancho I as king of Portugal. Her feast day is April 22.