Mary, Holy Mother of God

Mary is called Mother and Mother of God for a few reasons.  The first Eve was the first mother to humanity.  However, since she sinned, in the garden, Mary with her Yes, to God became the new Eve.  

In Luke 1, Mary was greeted by an angel, weird enough by itself. Then the message Gabriel, delivered? That’s a lot for a 14-year-old to take in and understand, but she did. That yes, Mary’s yes, means she is Theotokos, the Greek word for God-bearer, or Mother of God, in the way she is biologically Jesus’s mother, but is very different from being a mother to God the Father, who was before the beginning of time.  Jesus in being fully man was born of Mary, which also means biologically, Mary shared blood with baby Jesus in the womb.  In any pregnancy, blood, oxygen, and nutrients are passed to the baby from the pregnant woman through the umbilical cord   The person who gives birth to us is our mother.  Jesus calls us adopted sons and daughters of God. These are just some of the ways we can refer to Mary as our spiritual mother. 

Sometimes we have too many words, and other times we don’t have enough. We talk of love for any number of things. We love pizza and chocolate. We love our parents, siblings, and children. We love God. Those don’t all mean the same kind of love.

The word God can be any individual having a divine nature. Sometimes God refers to the Father, Son, and Spirit together. Sometimes it refers only to one of them.

Mary, Mother of God, God this time means only Jesus, the person of the Son. Mary is not the Mother of the Trinity. She is not the Mother of the Father nor the Holy Spirit. When we say God died on the cross, we mean Jesus, the Son’s humanity died, not His divinity.

Jesus does not begin at the Incarnation. He is co-eternal with the Father and Holy Spirit. His immaculate Conception of Mary doesn’t create him or cause him to begin to exist. When he is conceived of Mary, He begins to be human. She doesn’t in any way contribute to his divinity. She does contribute to his humanity.

Mary is our mother in a spiritual sense. Paul says repeatedly salvation means being one with Christ. In Christ, we are a new creation. This makes us the adopted sons and daughters of the Father in his natural Son. This only happens because of Jesus’ humanity. With His humanity, we become the adopted sons/daughters of the Father in the Son of God, because He made man, we also become adopted sons/daughters of Mary, his mother. We are members of Christ’s body in a spiritual sense. Mary is who Jesus took his human body. We are in Christ, and Mary is the mother of Christ.

This is a new fresh start, find a good yes.