Benjamin the Deacon

Benjamin was born around 329.  He was a deacon martyred around 424 in Persia. Christians in Persia, now known as Iran, had had twelve years of peace while Isdegers was the leader.  The peace was broken was Abdas, a Christian Bishop burned the Temple of Fire an important place of worship for the Persians.  This great answered the King.  He threatened to destroy all the Christian churches until the Bishop would rebuild the Temple of Fire.  

Abadas refused.  The King did as he said.  The Churches were demolished.  Abdas was put to death, and general persecution of all Christians because.  King Isdegerddied in 421, but his son, Varanes,  carried on with the persecutions. 

Benjamin was one caught up in the general persecutions.  He was imprisoned for a year for his Christian faith.  He was released with the condition that he stop preaching or speaking of his faith. The Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius II through an ambassador had arranged for his release.  However, Benjamin declared that it was his duty to preach about Christ and that he could not be silent.

For this, Benjamin was tortured mercilessly until his death.  Sharpened reeds were stuck under the nails of his fingers and toes.  Then they would be removed and then reinserted.  Finally, a stake was thrust into his bowels, to tear them.  He was tortured to death in 424.